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The Art of Lighting and Sound at Uchikawa Canal

TV-Toyama broadcasting, the evening news informed
of the live performance of Digital-Kakejiku (d-k) that
would be taken place at Uchikawa River,
Shin-Minato city,Toyama Prefecture
on 12th of October, 2003.

The news broadcaster said;
-On coming Sunday evening at Uchikawa River, Shin-Minato city,
an illusion show of lighting and sound will be taken place.
That is "Digital-Kakejiku" art, which we haven't heard before.
What is "Digital-Kakejiku"? Let's take a look at it.-

Akira HASEGAWA ( aHA)'s comment:
-The site of Uchikawa, it itself has already a -power-
and I think that the performance would be better done
by utilizing its nature's power. We would take a ride on
the site's power.

Site-Uchikawa, Shin-Minato ( a fishing port )

-Last week, an artist visited the town, Shin-Minato.
Akira HASEGAWA. A media artist, who lives in a Komatsu,
a countryside of northern part of Japan, Ishikawa Pref.
He has been creating thousands of television
commercial films and title covers, clips..

This live performance will be the very first time in Toyama
Prefecture and they have been elaborating a location hunting intensively.-

-One million digital images are prepared to be projected
on the building surface or the scenes of a town. The art is
originally created by Akira Hasegawa.-

-D-K is not just an entertainment show.
It is to create a space.
A man who is in the space is also one of the space.-

-Hasegawa has been looking for the only place for projection.-

-Boats... and the canal...
I like to maximize the effect of these things.
They belong to this place. So the absolute condition
of the performance is to cast image projection over them.-

-Finally, he found a place in a second floor of an empty house,
where he looks over the Uchikawa River.

As he connected to the projecter, digital images of fluorescent colour
come up over the canal and the boats.-


-D-K... it is not a -show-. Into the picture, we enter... we stand,
such a feeling we sense. We become a part of the picture.
By this, a frame dissapear.-

-We lose the feeling of time, the feeling of space.
Finally, it become infinite.-

-When we stand at the infinite space, we realize the infinity of ourselves.
It is an ecstacy that we become infinite. -

-At the event on Sunday, they play the Japanese Harp (Koto)
and the violin. A Chinese composer, LIU HONGJUN, who participated
-Last Emperor-'s film music, would join the event.-

-Hasegawa said that he had been attracted by the
smell of life at Uchikawa. D-K is an equipment with which we find
its fascination again.-


-It is very important thing that D-K is 'Live'.
It is a matter of 'being LIVE' for oneself and for each personality.
The sense of 'LIVE' is within an individual. In front of D-K, everyone
becomes 'LIVE' and 'INDIVIDUAL'.

D-K performance will be taken place on Sunday evening,
12th of October. 19:00-21:00
At Kagura-bashi bridge, Uchikawa river, Shin-Minato city.

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