Monday, January 26, 2009

d-k installation at Thunderbird Valley (Raichou-valley), Toyama
-digital kakejiku (d-k), created by Akira Hasegawa will be installed at a ski run on Tateyama Mountain foot in Toyama on 7th-8th evening (19:00- ).
100% reflections of d-k lights from snow silver screen make you amazed through silent and shivering evening on 1000 meter altitude.

送信者 d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

Hi Carol,
It starts snowing in Japan Sea side area of Japan, including Akira's base town, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture. He's been making a long trip across Japan island for weeks.

On 7th-8th Feb., d-k wll be installed on the Tateyama Mountain foot covered of 5-10 meters of snow. This time a snow festival organized by Ohyama Tourism Office, Toyama city, will invite d-k as the opening ceremony for this amazing snow festival in the middle of Japan Northern Alpes. D-K will be installed over its ski run, called 'Raicho(Thunderbird)' Valley from projectors at the parking lot.

This time I must go there to observe this installation because I cannot imagine any scenes where d-k is being projected over a large, silver screen..... A ski run of altitude from 480-1188 metre. As the ski run surface of 100% powder snow reflects all lights of d-k towards my eyes, I guess I get surely 'dazed' with those images appeared there.

送信者 d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

I will make blog report right after I come back from the Thunderbird Ski Run in Toyama. Akira and me will stay at the Toyama Kokusai Hotel on 7th evening.

Please watch out actual developing d-k blogs that I have been editting during my pleasure time.

Have a good year in 2009.

Victor Yokono
[VIDEO]D-K installation Records 2004-2007

D-K OFFTIME TV from victor on Vimeo.
What is D-K (Digital Kakejiku) ? D-K lights up a large area of building surface, room walls, ceilings and floors with random sequences of abstract-painting-like images. At a glance it looks still, but when you look away for a minute and the image is totally transformed. It consists of 30 frames per second, and you perceive it just like the motion of the sun setting.... by Akira HASEGAWA (aha)

Video Records: