Tuesday, May 02, 2006

D-K ( D i g i t a l - K a k e j i k u )


D-K (Digital Kakejiku), which in English can be translated as " a moving Digital-Hanging Scroll", arises in one's mind, specifically relative to what one views. It is the combination of sensory perception and subconscious awareness. The changing scenery of the sunset, the "space" between haiku lines, the "space" between sounds, and the "space" between times - none are tangible, but all are part of experiencing "the moment". When experiencing D-K, the things that you see and feel all come from you. If they didn't exist in you, you would not be able to perceive them in the first place.

At a glance, D-K seems to consist of the visual elements seen on paintings. However, this is a completely new art form that uses a different communication style from other art forms which utilize the story telling approach. D-K is a sensitizing instrument that is generated by discontinuous data, and that makes us aware of the time, image, and the idea of a "living present".

This live picture is not continuous and has no meaning in itself.

aha Akira Hasegawa

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