Tuesday, May 02, 2006


D-K (Digital Kakejiku) is an original concept developed by the artist Akira
Its purpose is to regain the rhythm of life for 21stCentury humanity.
It is an entirely new living art form that transcends time and engulfs

D-K emerges from your relationship with what you see.
Your vision and your subconscious resonate within your mind, naturally
awakening images.

It is the interval between one moment and the next. By existing in the
"now", you understand the present.
Through this perception, you understand the simultaneity within your
subconscious without nostalgia for the past.
Through time itself, the infinite world may be understood in a single

In other words, there is only "now". All times are simultaneous.

It is like a sunset, like the space between the lines of a haiku, between
colors, between sounds, between times.
To enjoy perceiving the emptiness in of all these places is to encounter
the spirit of Japanese art, and only humanity can comprehend and traverse
this distance between East and West.

D-K is discontinuous data; it gives us time and spirit, and the sensation of
"being alive here and now".

aha Akira Hasegawa

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