Friday, March 20, 2009

Once in a life time

In Japanese ZEN words, we find '一期一会'(Ichi-Go Ichi-E), which can be translated in English, 'Just One time, One meets'. Sometimes, we have a chance to meet somebody, find a certain place, time, opportunity and good luck that we did not expect and would never meet again. Japanese consider this ZEN saying as one of the sententious ZEN words that they should remind of it in their daily life.

送信者 March-20, 2009 at ELIXIR bar

On March 20th,2009. It was Friday evening on the Spring Equinox Day. Three musicians with a Saxophone, a Didgeridoo, Oud and Throat Singer performed their psychic sounds at ELIXIR bar in Edobori, Osaka. The live performance was named, 'Neo-Ethnic DroneDrive'.

I was there to produce a light effects at those musicians' stage background. I prepared Digital Kakejiku light projection as usual in the loft of ELIXIR bar. The HD Video camera was capturing images of bar space where visitors were drinking and chatting. They seemed not cared about the light projection of D-K even if I directed the lights on their faces directly. They were waiting for the band of three men who were going to perform their live music with traditional instruments that were going to played an improvisation.

送信者 Artists play in the lights of D-K

Three men went up the stairs to the balcony above the bar counter. They said nothing while they were about to start playing sounds. Throat singing, Didgeridoo produced dull sounds and the tone of saxophone overlapped.

They played those slow and roaring sounds as we heard in the middle of Eurasian Continent that we felt like going back to the ancient time when we walked around to find our native land existing somewhere in the Continent.

送信者 March-20, 2009 at ELIXIR bar

-VIDEO:"Neo-Ethnic DroneDrive- Three Men Last" (on YouTube)

We just heard these psychic sounds for an hour and have realized that we were alive here.
Three players have stopped playing, then another three joined them for an extra jam session.

Instruments added to the previous ones were, a Pandeiro, a drum and a vocal. Those guys were not scheduled to perform this evening, however, the owner of the bar accepted them to perform at the balcony with light projection of Digital Kakejiku for my test. I took two projectors from the loft above the wall and installed them on the guests' table and connected wires and plugged into my PC that run D-K software.

A real live jam session which nobody could have expected was about to be started and I fixed my HD Video camera towards the balcony stage. They said that they were going to start a live music that would be performed once in thousands of years. The LIVE, "Ichi-Go Ichi-E" sounds had just been started.

-VIDEO (on YouTube, Low Definition)
"20090320 Elixir Bijin Hakumei Session"

Everybody gave applause to this instantaneous band that performed sounds in thousands of years. The girl who played as a vocal named this band as 'The fairest flowers soonest fade'.
In Japanese sentences, "美人薄命" (Bi-Jin Haku-Mei), that meaning such a beautiful time and space we enjoy now and here would not last for long time. We had a chance.

送信者 March-20, 2009 at ELIXIR bar

送信者 March-20, 2009 at ELIXIR bar

A girl meets a boy. A man marries a woman.
We are born all alone and die alone. We live on the earth as a point/an individual human and we could seldom meet such a chance in our life time. Once in a life time. Thanks

-VIDEO on YouTube
"Elixir, Artist in D-K, March-20, 2009"

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