Friday, March 20, 2009

In the cafe-bar, ELIXIR in uptown of Edobori,Osaka, I tested D-K lights projection towards two paintings on the wall of the bar. Two paintings were drawn by BEN HER, an American artist living in Osaka. He is working in a tatoo shop in Ame-Mura (American Village) downtown Osaka. One of his paintings is Han-nya (般若) that is known as a masque in the Noh Theater and the other one is known as Noh-men (能面) of a womman face (a masque used for Noh Theatre that is used by a masculin actor who plays a woman role.

Transient / slightly moving images of Han-nya and Noh-men paintings on the wall of Cafe ELIXIR, Edobori, Osaka.
Video recorded on 20th-March, 2009
Place: ELIXIR cafebar, Edobori,Osaka,Japan
Painting on wood, drawn by BEN HER
Video taken by Victor YOKONO (

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