Saturday, December 20, 2008

d-k-LIVE at Expo'70 Park,Osaka,Japan

Saturday evening, December 20,2006.
I took my daughters to the Expo Memorial Park in Suita,Osaka.
This park was constructed after the Expo'70 was held as
conservation of its memorial site.

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

The park is known with is huge statue called,
"Taiyo-no-Tou" (Tower of the Sun), created by
Taro OKAMOTO, a Japanese artist died in 1996.
Somebody said that the statue was quite similar to a painting
of Picasso in Vallauris,France.

This evening, d-k (digital-kakejiku) art that has been
demonstrated its LIVE performance at several historical
site as the Acropolis in Greece, the City Hall of San Jose,
California,USA, a World Heritage,Shiretoko peninsula, Japan
and others. I took my daughters to the park to show one of
most impressive luminous art that would have input strong
memories to their mind.

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

Five minutes past 7 o'clock, we have arrived the park and
lot of people were surrounded the grass square where the Sun Tower
stands in the center. I bought some foods and drinks for my daughters
and give some money to spend times while I take photos and videos
of the tower illuminated by d-k. I took a position just in front of
the tower and set my tripod to capture moving images of d-k.

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

As I had expected,the images reflected on the SUN TOWER
projected from two directions of big light-emitting devices
were strong enough to amaze me and I became dazed in my brain gradually.

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

Because the most part of the tower statue is painted in white,
the d-k lights were clearly reflected to our eyes,different kinds of
shape and colour were strongly reflected to my eyes naked. As d-k light
is emit usually towards the surfaces of architectures as a temple, buildings
and its interior wall that colours are less white and dark, the lights are
not so reflected as white ones of this evening. I suppose that the light
reflecting effect of this time was most strong one ever since I had experienced.

I finished capturing moving pictures of d-k light projections
and I had some 'Sake", rice wine for my brain that were started dazing,
to accelerate the effect of 'drug' that I was looking forward to getting HERE.
I sit myself on the grass and was staring the lights on the tower for a while.

While I was taking pictures in the mood of relaxing and happiness, Akira HASEGAWA
appeared in the grass square with a festival staff. I continued taking still photos
of moving images on the statue.

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

Then a man dressed in Japanese traditional clothes with a "Otsuzumi",Japanese drum
was standing in the center of the grass square. He started shouting between the
sounds of drum that spread over the park in silence. The man is one of most famous
"Otsuzumi" drum player in Noh theater, Shounosuke OKURA. He came here drumming and
shouting to invite GOD here as the SUN TOWER constructed in 1970, respires with
luminous ambience that d-k art supplies.

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

Shouting voices of Shounosuke OKURA were echoed in the park with changing
rhythms and intervals of "Otsuzumi" in his hands. Then he was standing in the
lights of GOD and I could find a luminous layer of d-k light reflection on the
grass ground that leaded to the SUN TOWER created by a Japanese genial artist.

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

Straight rug of illumination,

I felt comfortable watching those lights.

Victor YOKONO, 20 December 2008

From God descend to Earth (Advent before Noel)

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