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Media Facades
 -History, Technology, Content-
(Author/Editor: Häusler, Matthias Hank

German Publisher,
avedition will soon release new books, 'Media Facade',
about the varied media facades that exist, their technology and future development.

D-K San Jose installation in 2006 is introduced in this book.

-Chapter 2: Technology of Media Facade -Projector -

Available for references before official publishment
(WEB Page 12-13, Page 14-15)

Media Facades
History, Technology, Content

ISBN: 978-3-89986-107-5
Häusler, Matthias Hank

Picture series
248 pages, english, Hardback, 204 colour illustartions, 8.7 x 9.4 inch, PUBL.DATE, US SEPTEMBER 09

Euro 49,90 [D] , Dollar 69,00 , SFr 84,00


• Fundamental introduction to a topic of current interest
• Overview about the varied media facades that exist, their technology and future development
• More than 30 breathtaking media facades by ag4, Realities United, UN Studio, Urbanscreen, among others
The book introduces a canon of media architectural terminology and shows the history of media facades through early examples of embedding media in architecture, like Times Square, New York, and Centre Pompidou, Paris.
State of the art developments are presented with approx. 30 international projects of contemporary media architecture separated and classified in 7 different technical categories: projection facades, rear projection facades, window raster animation, display facades, illuminated facades, mechanical facades and voxel facades. Each of these 7 categories gets introduced via explaining the technology and through the means of built examples. In each example project data are presented with a brief description about the project and the used technology. An analysis of the representational characteristics of media façades lead to an introduction of possible forms of media content and completes the book.

M. Hank Haeusler, Dr. Ing., studied architecture in Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and finished his PhD at the RMIT School of Architecture in Melbourne, Australia, in 2007. His media consulting office City Lights Architecture Store/CLAStore combines his research interests with application in praxis.

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