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Akira Hasegawa's comment on his D-K art

送信者 D-K Live at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

Digital Kakejiku had been installed in several histroical places as shrines and temples of the world heritages in Japan for a decade. This was the 95th Live performance for Akira Hasegawa that he performed his D-K art in this Tateyama Mountain ski resort as celebrating its snow festival. The live performance here on the snow was very first time for him. He commented that ski run was one of his favorite places where he longed for its installation.

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(Akira Hasegawa's comment on his Digital Kakejiku Art)

-clip 2009 02 07 18:19:50 Akira Hasegawa comments on D-K (Digital Kakejiku) art. Video was taken at Thunderbird Valley Ski Run, Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture,Japan. Dated: 07-Feb.-2009 (Sat.)

So,let's welcome him with a clapping of hands!
-aha[Akira Hasegawa]
Good evening, Hasegawa.
Mr.Hasegawa, could you explain us about what we are watching right now here in this event site, that we can hardly explain for this beautiful and fantastic luminous art,Digital Kakejiku?
Yes.Today is 95th installation of D-K I have done around the world as in Acropolis in Greece and some global art events.A ski run was the place where I wanted to install D-K mostly.Today I am very happy to be here to realize it. D-K, as I have just explained in that TV program, would be more enjoyable for you to be in the picture of lights. It is not at all bad for you to watch D-K with standing still, however,as D-K lights are spread over this large ski run deeply,everyone can walk around there to choose each one's best position to enjoy this art. Participating and enjoying is one of characteristic of D-K.
Acropolis in Greece and the United States'...
Art Festival in San Jose, California.
Among those installations, why did you wanted most to perform D-K here in this Tateyama Mountain ski run for the 95th installation?
After all, the snow canvas reflects most of lights and we can watch them most beautifully. Mountains and valley of the big nature would absorb all pictures projected there, and we can perceive those covering snow with D-K lights more naturally that we see it as it is. It is also one of D-K's charactristic that we can come back to the nature when we watch like this.

I see. Watching this lights art in this icy atmosphere is quite fantastic and beautiful, isn't it? It is really very nice that we experience D-K here...
Well,this Digital Kakejiku had won the best artist award at the American Public Art 2007, I heard it. I believe that D-K,one of most beautiful art on the earth, will become more famous world-wide...
Mr.Hasegawa,could you tell us about your plan of activities and your dream for coming future?
Well,because I have just one body as everyone, I cannot make it all at once, but I would like to install D-K at World Heritage sites one by one so that people would experience to know why that World Heritage is located there. I hope that they would remind it as seeing it. In fact, D-K is very ecological art. It does not require much electricity consumption and it does not emit any unnecessary stuff in the nature. We can call D-K as an Eco art.The value of mother nature that you ignore or its existence that you do not appreciate, I think it will be one of the great experience that you can feel and remind of mother nature's goodness and its depth here in this event.
Certainly.I also hope that they remind of it.
Thank you again for this evening.
I appreciate that, everyone here.
Enjoy your D-K here.
Let's give him a big applause.

-Translation of Akira Hasegawa's comments on D-K (Digital Kakejiku) art
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