Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Report on d-k live installation in a ski resort mountain hill

On 14th of August, I went to a winter-ski resort located in the northern Japan Alpen, called "Tsugaike Ski Resort" located in the northern part of the Japan Alps.

There, thousands of young Japanese people were canping in the hill side of Tsugaike.


They were staying for few days in the camping place as they were enjoying on the music of international techno and trans music. The globally known festival, called "Mother S.O.S 2007" where a lot of world-famous techno-trans musicians were performing their arts.


In the evening of 14th August, I did participate this festival and had observed the d-k live installation on the hill side of Tsugaike.


As I am not so familir with trans-techno music, I could not realy enjoy with the music that I could get there.


However, I recognized very quickly that the d-k live installation in that mountain hill side was very different from that was already done at the place of temples and shrines as the d-k should be exposed against the real nature of the mountain foot and and the hill.


What was my first discovery of d-k performance that really impressed me was that its lighting effect on the road leads to the north direction.


Because the d-k lights spread on the real surface of an asphalt made road of the clour grey that refleccts on the d-k light, it looks like a real silver-screen in the theater that reflex on the light thru film.


On this road where d-k light were reflected on, I met young couple. The girl were all dressed in white and the light were reflected on the dress brilliantlly.




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