Tuesday, July 03, 2007

D-K LIVE at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe city, Japan
Recorded on June 30, 2007 (time: 19:30-22:00)


On 28th of June,2007, Akira Hasegawa participated a symposium conference for 100 days before the Kobe Biennale 2007 that will be taken place in October 2007. In that evening, d-k live was started in the harbour side of Hyogo Museum of Art after the sunset.The security-guard said approximately 250 visitors came to see d-k on 28th evening.


On 29th, Friday, in spite of sudden storm of rain in Kobe city before the sunset ( around 18:30 ), the rain had been all stopped and the d-k live started to be perform in front of public by Akira Hasegawa. Though his friend, a Japanese Buyo (nichibu) danser, Shinnosuke FUJIMA had been prepared in Buyo costume in order to danse in the light of d-k, he got all sweat in that ugly rain and he abandoned to perform his dance in the live. I chatted with him, I was very sorry that I could not see his performance in that evening.

Akira Hasegawa, as usual, he showed his soul, the life of universe, the light of god at the harbour side of the Museum.











Schedule of D-K in July-August 2007

-JULY 20-21-22(Fri-Sat-Sun)
Porto Bazarr in Kobe City
-August 21-22(Mon-Tue)
Hyogo Prefectural Hall (Kokan Building)

CANCELLED (or Postponed)
Mistui Shosen Building, Kobe City
>>The fourth stage
-July 5-8 Kobe City Museum
>>The fifth stage
-July 9-11 Harbour Building
> The seven stage
-July 26-29 Mosaic D-K Live


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yokonoV said...

2007/07/05 23:01
by Thomas Danielle

Last Friday's D-K Live installation at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum
of Art was serene and stunning as always. The geometric clarity of
Tadao Ando's architecture - particularly the vast flight of steps
connecting the museum to the waterfront - made an excellent backdrop
for Akira Hasegawa's light projections. The slight mist in the air,
the sound of the sea against the wharf, all contributed to a
beautiful sensory experience.