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"The concept of [ 愼 ] (humility) is most important.

"The concept of [ 愼 ] (humility) is most important.
As long as you serve God, you must be [愼] (humble)."
Reverend Nobuyoshi WATARAI,
Kan-nushi (Shinto priest) at Geguu (Outer Shrine of Ise)
Subject: [ 愼 ] (humility), the inscription of Reverend Harunobu TAKASHIRO
On 2 July 2005, at the Tokyo congress for celebrating the first anniversary of Seishin-sha [ 精心會 ] (social unification), d-k was given the inscription of [ 愼 ] (humility) by Reverend Harunobu TAKASHIRO, associate chief priest of Ise Shrine. [ 伊勢神宮 高城治延 少宮司 ]
Mr. Hasegawa's concept is in accord with the Shinto cosmos. Its invisible power, coming from [ 無常 ] (“anicca” or transience) and going beyond time and space, is intertwined with the 'idea'-word of Shinto. It is identical to the power of the Gods, 'something great'
Its prayers transcend three dimensions, bearing a universal form of pathos that penetrates every single being.
I am sincerely glad to have met you Mr. Hasegawa, an encounter that was blessed by God. I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding the purpose of your visit to the Shrine.
Evening of 6 May 2005, at Toyo-Uke Dai-Jin-Gu, Ise Shrine
Kouichi EZAWA, Priest
[d-k]... In sum, [ 愼 ] (humility) is an emotion that is absolutely necessary for human rationality. In other words, it is an element that makes a human being 'human.'
[d-k]... The word, '[ 真 ] (truth)' is a rule of nature, a message from God.
The harmony we are seeking exists in the essence of [ 愼 ] (humility).
That is, d-k has a power that equally and harmoniously leads our sense of the potential of human beings. Prior to all else, we are reminded of [ 愼 ] (humility) throughout our entire lives.
[d-k]... Methodological thought through which the rhythm of life may be understood. An internal movement that is able to move mountains. Whenever and wherever, you will be accepted with full love.

[d-k]... A universal form of spirit.
[d-k]... Where do you exist? Blood flows continuously.
[d-k]... Are you released from thought? This is a world of sensual order.
[d-k]... Does it result in prayer? The mirror of our minds.
[d-k]... A hope in the darkness.
With all gratitude to Mr. Hasegawa,
Dawn of 31 May 2005
Yasukazu EZAWA, Priest at Ise Shrine
Mr. Hasegawa
Your world is the universal spirit for humanity. After all, the world of d-k is not only your world but also the world of all sentient beings. Therefore, it is nothingness.
Released from anxiety, with a peace of mind that you can devote yourself to, the world full of love, the darkness, it is hope!
Your proposal is filled with celebration. God bless you and d-k.
Yasukazu EZAWA, Priest at Ise Shrine
Nothing to own, being natural, nothing to say...
To behave naturally, that is Shinto.
Transcend the self...
It is a fact that you become nature, and that nature and you become as one.
Then, the universe becomes me.
The projected images of d-k are not an expression nor a simulation, but discrete data that is being generated in sequence. All are reflections of the mirror that your mind bears.
Ultimately, you will realize that you are a spirit existing in the cosmos.

Akira Hasegawa

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