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Video sent by d-k
A morning news program of Japanese NHK broadcasting,
"Ohayo Nippon"
introduced Akira Hasegawa's digital-kakejiku art in 2004.

Total video run time: 00:07:40

00:00:06 "Digital Kakejiku", to be performed in Athens
00:00:23 Explaining "D-K" transformation

00:01:26 Akira Hasegawa at his atelier, Komatsu, Japan
- his career as a TV commercial film director
00:01:45 - moving picture making of "clouds" in the sky
for NHK TV's drama "Dragon Spirit" (Ryukyu no Kaze)

- With a career of making more than 4,000 commercial films,
he felt a sort of constraint on expression of his art
as a commercial film has time limit within several 10 seconds.

- Finally, he reached to "D-K", Digital Kakejiku, his own art expression,
in order to break out of the mold that he had been faced thru
commercial film making.

00:02:33 Akira Hasegawa in front of computer dispyay,
making a video.
00:02:41 Akira Hasegawa (aha) interview:
-Any motion pictures have 'Start' and 'End'.
-This will give a "Constraint" to a viewer, audience.
-In a words, a "time constraint"

-In order to release us from this constraint of time,
I got into the method of "Digital Kakejiku".
Furthermore, I had broken through the restrictions of
a picture's frame and eliminated its 'start' and 'end'.

00:03:13 Akira Hasegawa has a million of digital picures in
his computer storage from which the "digital kakejiku"
program chooses random pictures and the one scene
of a picure is transformed to the next one very slowly
and slightly. The duration of one picure is several 10 minutes.

It consists of 30 pictures per second.
As each picture is being varied delicately ,
the viewer of D-K, when he noticed of it,
he feels a sort of transient "in-between"
as if he was watching the motion of sunset.

00:03:47 D-K images are projected to any surfaces of building
and natural objects. It is released from the constraint
of display frame, the spatial constraint.

00:03:58 RELease from time and display frame
21th Century Museum of Art, Kanazawa, Oct.2003

00:04:29 Kanazawa Castle (Nino-Maru) , Feb.2003

00:04:46 D-K as "Participation Art"
The audience, the viewers themselves
are also parts of the D-K art performance.
They participate in the art performance
and enjyoy themselves in D-K space.

00:05:07 Akira Hasegawa's office in Komatsu, Ishikawa Pref.
CPM studio facing HAKUSAN mountain, the west end of
Japan Alps, his birth place.

00:05:26 Akira Hasegawa interview:
-It is impossible to make an invention or discover a new art
in a city. These inspirations have roots in the nature and
we obtain them from it.

-Because I was born and grown up in Komatsu countryside,
I could express the time of relax and richness with D-K.

00:05:57 D-K for Athes Olympic Games
-Request from a Canadian film director

00:06:42 Parthenon, Athens
-The older are the buildings and architectures,
the more alive is the Digital Kakejiku.
-Once the Parthenon is being projected by D-K's
transient pictures, it looks totally different.

Several millions of years are intensified to "now"
and we feel a dynamic orgasm .

00:07:39 end

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